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over 5 years ago

KPCB Fellows Challenge

Hello everyone,

My name is Justin and I work here at KPCB where I lead the KPCB Fellows Program. It’s been great meeting all of you! I wanted to thank you so much for participating in the KPCB Fellows Challenge and for tackling one of our #BuildforGood challenges. 

When we started the #BuildforGood initiative we wanted to tell people about something that we’ve always believed in: Using technology to make an impact in the world. We’re happy to have thrown this virtual hackathon this summer and will be having our challenges at collegiate hackathons throughout the fall (

We received an incredible amount of submissions and our judges had to make some difficult choices. We saw some great solutions and are happy to announce the winners!


First Place: Brilliance by Richard Helferty

Prize - $1000 and an interview for the 2016 KPCB Fellows Program*

This android application tackled the challenge posed by D-Rev, an organization that designs and delivers world-class medical technologies. Their premier product is Brilliance, an affordable phototherapy device that treats newborns and infants just 2-3 days old, for a potentially deadly disease called jaundice. This app allows a person to collect data from Brilliance allowing local hospitals to measure and track the impact of the machine on their community. It additionally allows D-Rev to calculate the global impact of Brilliance.


Second Place: Samahope for Android by William Robertson

Prize – An interview for the 2016 KPCB Fellows Program*


Third Place: Samahope for iOS app by Kai Lu

Prize – An interview for the 2016 KPCB Fellows Program*


*Pending eligibility requirements:


At KPCB, we believe in companies, organizations and people who have a vision for a better world. We invest in missionary entrepreneurs who build some of the world’s most impactful companies and we’re so excited to be a part of a community that believes in using technology to do good in our world. It’s a quality that many of our KPCB Fellows also share. For those considering applying to the 2016 KPCB Fellows Program, applications will open October 1, 2015 for Engineering and January 1, 2016 for Design and Product: Hope to see you apply!

Our #BuildforGood Challenges will also be at many collegiate hackathons this fall and we’ll also be offering a prize – an interview for the fellows program – to those who win at each of those events:

Thank you again!





Justin Sayarath

LinkedIn | @justinsayarath