We're looking for mission and impact-driven people to build for good. Help us solve tough non-profit challenges with innovative tech.

We're looking for mission and impact-driven people to build for good. At KPCB we started the KPCB Fellows Program to bring the best design, engineering and entrepreneurial students to our portfolio companies. Our fellows inspired us to launch our Build for Good Initiative - a set of open innovation challenges for hackers and makers everywhere. We partnered with amazing non-profit organizations tackling some of the world's toughest challenges. We believe that technology has the power to truly change the world and make it a better place. As part of our Build for Good initiative, we are launching an online hackathon called the KPCB Fellows Challenge. We want you to tackle one of our challenges. We challenge you to build for good. 


We believe in helping our nonprofit partners change the world, any solutions you submit should be open - for the nonprofits and others to use and expand upon. The best solutions are the ones that we build upon and built together. Pick a challenge to tackle:

1) Create a way to address live donating to increase number of surgeries funded

2) Build an application that helps Kiva donors assess impact 

3) Help improve our teacher training program

4) Design a mobie messaging hub

5) Create an application to record and measure the global impact of Brilliance

6) Design a GPS-based field-mapping Android app to help empower farmers in Myanmar

7) Build an Application that Helps Developers Check their Websites for Compatability with the Internet.org Platform

All solutions must be submitted to challengepost and to the kpcbfellows.com/challenges website by August 31, 2015.

Join us at the Fellows Challenge Kickoff

We're hosting a meetup on July 1 at our San Francisco office to kickoff the Fellows Challenge. Come join us for snacks, beverages and time for forming teams. RSVP here.

The KPCB Fellows Program

All winners receive an interview for the 2016 KPCB Fellows Program. The KPCB Fellows program brings the brightest students from across the country to work at our portfolio companies including Nest, Uber, Flipboard, Shazam, Jawbone, Airware and many others. In addition, fellows experience the breadth of the KPCB network enjoying events with KPCB Partners, successful entrepreneurs, executives, thought leaders and other talented students. For more information on the KPCB Fellows program, visit www.KPCBFellows.com.

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Groups may not exceed more than four team members.


Anything you submit should be open sourced, you should be okay with giving your code, designs, materials to the nonprofit. We're here to help them change the world and that starts with sharing.

Previous Work

We're here to help people think about building for impact and to help our nonprofit partners find the best solutions possible. You can begin submitting solutions on June 15, 2015 and so you can begin working on ideas before this date. 


Any student who is currently attending a U.S. institution university or college may participate in the challenge. However, winners who want to interview for the KPCB Fellows program must also meet all eligibility requirements for the program. Eligibility requirements for the program can be found here: http://kpcbfellows.com/faq



For any questions about the KPCB Fellows Challenge, email Justin at jsayarath@kpcb.com.


  • Clearly addresses one of the KPCB Fellows challenge
  • Submitted to our challengepost tagged with KPCB Build for Good and to kpcbfellows.com/challenges 
  • Offers a really scalable solution to the challenge
  • Realistic and implementable by the nonprofit
  • Creative approach to the problem
  • Gives the nonprofit a good starting off point to run with the solution
  • Media such as videos or images of your solution in use or demoed are highly appreciated

How to enter

To compete in the KPCB Fellows Challenge:

  1. Visit kpcbfellows.com/challenges and choose one of the challenges
  2. Form a team or tackle a challenge on your own
  3. Submit your solution to the challengepost and to the challenge on kpcbfellows.com/challenges by August 31, 2015
  4. Winners will be announced in September


Andy Chen

Andy Chen
KPCB Partner

Juliet de Baubigny

Juliet de Baubigny
KPCB Partner

Judging Criteria

  • Tackles one of our challenge
    Clearly addresses one of the KPCB Fellows challenges
  • Submitted to appropriate places
    Submitted to our challengepost tagged with KPCB Build for Good and submitted to the appropriate challenge at kpcbfellows.com/challenges
  • Scalable
    Offers a scalable solution to the challenge
  • Implementable
    Realistic and implementable by the nonprofit
  • Creativity
    Creative approach to the problem
  • Nonprofit in mind
    Gives the nonprofit a good starting off point to run with the solution